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Where your podcasting concepts become reality.
We give voice to your vision by providing a platform for you to share your passions with those who wish to listen.
Our many years of experience in the gaming and podcasting industries allow creators and developers to focus on the fun aspects of podcasting while we handle the rest!




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Our Vision

A podcast has the incredible ability to connect with an audience while simultaneously educating and promoting brand awareness.
The simple act of talking into a microphone instantly gives personality to a faceless logo.
We seek to provide the tools, guidance, and expertise required to make, distribute and advertise high-quality gaming podcasts available to anyone, in an affordable and easy to use format.

Visual Design

We will design a unique and visually striking logo for your podcast and brand. The importance of a good logo and visual identity cannot be understated, as it is the first thing your users will see.


As the customer, you need only let us know what you want to be included in your podcast or series. Based on your requirements, we can create an episode plan for the run of your series.


We handle all editing, scripting, production and post-production for our clients as well as hosting and distribution. You need only record your podcast and we will handle the rest!

Sound and Music

Good sound design is key to a professional and well-produced podcast. We can design and provide you with everything from intro & segment music to sound effects and sound bytes.


Often clients would love to have a podcast, but have no time or no suitable host. We at Castly are able to provide you with an array of voice talent to host your podcast or act as a supplement to your desired lineup.


We will promote and signal boost you across social media and various other channels as well as providing consultancy on how to use your own channels for promotion as well.

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