Hello /r/FireEmblemHeroes

Welcome back to Hello Heroes, the official podcast by the /r/FireEmblemHeroes moderator team, for our community right here on Reddit!

Today’s cast is:

– (/u/Frobro_da_Truff)

– (/u/Cecil-)

– (/u/Solunare)


Today’s topics include:

What is gamepress? *5:25*

Frobro’s secret to staying Free to Play(btw) *12:40*

Gamepress teir list *14:30*

– The process of creating a list
– Camus’ placement
– Julia vs Sonya
– The viabiliy of daggers
– Red mages

Thoughts on the accusation of Powercreep in Fire Emblem Heroes *48:25*


*Total runtime: 1:05:45*

Hello Heroes: Tier Lists and Powercreep