Hello /r/FireEmblemHeroes

Welcome back to Hello Heroes, the official podcast by the /r/FireEmblemHeroes moderator team, for our community right here on Reddit!

Today’s cast is:

– (/u/Frobro_da_Truff)

– (/u/darkdogdemon )

– (/u/Andis1)

– (/u/Hexatomb)

Today’s topics include:

What is the Extra Life Charity Stream? *1:10*

  • Our upcoming CSS redesign and what we hope to accomplish with it. *4:40*New features
  • Using in game assets to make the sub look more in line with the game
  • User flairs changing to chibi sprites
  • Easily finding info without combing through the index megathread which we hope to phase out entirely
  • Better content filters
  • Become less reliant on stickies to keep info searchable

r/FireEmblemHeroes demographic survey *17:24*

Talking about potential new post flairs *23:50*

Talking about the need for megathreads *26:16*

Understanding moderating on reddit *33:22*

The evolution of and the issues with the “Unit Build” rules *43:43*

Memes, Fan Art and Karma *51:32*


*Total runtime: 59:03*

Hello Heroes: Mods Talk Meta